Oil & Gas Law


Western Pennsylvania has become a hot bed of oil and gas activity due to the recent discovery of vast oil and gas reserves in the Marcellus and Utica shale formations.  While much of the local leasing has been completed, landowners will be confronted with a variety of legal issues as the focus of the industry turns to drilling and the installation of miles of pipelines needed to gather and transport the oil and gas to market.

The McConnell Law Firm, LLC assists and represents local landowners in reviewing and negotiating oil and gas leases and pipeline right of way agreements. Our attorneys have also successfully represented landowners in terminating their existing shallow-well oil and gas leases to allow them to negotiate new deep-well leases in order to take advantage of significant signing bonuses and higher royalty payments. 

We advise all landowners to consult with an attorney prior to executing any oil and gas lease or pipeline right of way agreement to ensure that their rights are protected and that they are receiving fair compensation.  The McConnell Law Firm, LLC also stands ready to advise and represent landowners as disputes with oil and gas producers occur as drilling and production continues.